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Earn your own myVIP Club status by shopping with us, its simple create you account and each time you shop with us your dollars spent will accumulate, the 6month status starts from your first purchase date.

To earn your my VIP club status, create your own account and each time you purchase using your account you will earn points towards a VIP status. Once you have reached your my VIP Club status you will receive an email with your status rewards, your account will then return to zero ready for you to start earning your rewards status again. We can not transfer order dollar purchases between accounts or rewards vouchers.

When you spend $250

  • 1 x 10% off voucher*
  • 1 x 15% off voucher*
*conditions apply

When you spend $500

  • 1 x 20% off voucher*
  • 1 x 25% off voucher*
*conditions apply

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* Status points are calculated from the date of your first purchase to earn status points you are required to set up a account and purchase using your registered account name and details. Upon your 6 month anniversary from your first order we will then allocate you with your achieved status rewards, your account will then return to zero dollars spent with us, and your next 6 month status will start again from your first order after your last status anniversary. If you were unsuccessful at reaching a status you will not be eligible to receive status rewards. We can not transfer purchases between accounts or allocated rewards vouchers. It is the customers sole responsibility to enter their correct account details at check out, we are unable to add purchases or points to accounts or reverse orders placed once the order is placed and processed.

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